The catalyst for sustainable poverty alleviation in Brunei Darussalam.




The Award winning GreenXchange Project is a two sided-approach recycling project that benefits low-income earners as well as incorporating the ‘Go Green’ theme. 



The Youth Against Poverty workshop was first introduced in August 2016 which aims to stimulate interest and knowledge concerning the issue of poverty in Brunei.



SCOT Education is a multidimensional programme initiated by SCOT since 2013 that focuses on teaching English Language & character development for underprivileged youths in Brunei and Cambodia.


To support His Majesty’s vision of eradicating poverty by 2035.

To create a sense of awareness among youth participating in this project on the importance of uplifting poverty for a better living society.

To engage our Youth by fostering their social responsibility with the incorporation of Public Private Partnership (PPP).


“In the past, this country was recognised solely as a financial contributor, but now we are providing service in the form of human capital by sending locals to teach English to our neighbouring countries.” - His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, October 9,2014 during Teacher’s Day Celebration.

As part of our commitment to contribute to ASEAN Economic Community, SCOT has been conducting several projects in Cambodia specifically our teaching volunteering programme in Cambodia at Organizational for Building Community Resources (OBCR) through its SCOT Education Brunei – Cambodia programme twice a year in July and December to provide an opportunity for its members and other Bruneians to support the development of Education in Cambodia.Since 2013, SCOT has spearheaded an education programme both in Brunei and Cambodia aimed at empowering underprivileged children and youth with self-confidence through English Language. Located about 50km from Phnom Penh into the rural village of Samrong Tong, our partner NGO, Organizational for Building Community Resources (OBCR), we have taught well over 100 underprivileged children English Language facilitated by trained local teachers.In addition to that, our SCOT Infrastructure Project is aimed at improving the livelihood of the underprivileged in rural Cambodia to provide access to clean water by constructing more than 140 water-wells to date built across various underprivileged villages in rural Cambodia in partnership with Charitable Association of Cambodian Islamic Graduates (CACIG). In April 2017, we have also successfully built a new classroom to replace a dilapidated one which could now accommodate the students enrolled in our programme.

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