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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam’s Student Community Outreach Teams’ (SCOT) Green Xchange team have begun their awareness campaign through the sale of T-Shirts in hopes of promoting their efforts for future projects.The Green Xchange is a project which aims to teach rural communities and those less fortunate about the benefits of recycling by getting them to collect items and materials that can be recycled in exchange for basic neccessities such as rice.Speaking to The Brunei Times yesterday on the matter was project manager Azmi Yassin who said that the main function of selling the shirts was to promote their efforts amongst the public and the funds would later support future sustainable projects.

“At the moment, we only sell the shirts during our events, but we are also hoping that those who are interested can e-mail or text their order from us so we can determine which of the sizes we have now or we can do future back orders,” he said.

He added that there is no specific target market for their shirts but hoped that the simplicity of the project would encourage the public to demonstrate their support for the endeavour and other future developments.

Interested supporters can submit their orders to or SMS their name and t-shirt size to +6738633738 to purchase their SCOT Green Xchange shirts for $15.

The Green Xchange project proved successful in September last year when they conducted their first run at Kg Bolkiah under the supervision of previous project manager Noor Amal Azirah Azlan.

Working under their own measurement rate system, the community members are given better rates in exchange for their collected recyclables where every 50 cents’ worth is equivalent to 750 grammes of rice and a dollar worth of collected recyclables entitles them to 1.5 kilogrammes.

Azmi added that the system was in favour of the community in comparison to local recycling centres where they are given more in terms of quantities in exchange for a similar amount.

The next Green Xchange project will take place this coming Sunday at Kg Sungai Kebun where Azmi is hoping to surpass the accumulated 100 kilogrammes of recyclables from the last event by reaching the 300-kilogramme marker.

Source: The Brunei Times
author: Amir Noor
Published Date: 4 January 2012

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