Helping the poor through art

POVERTY in Brunei was expressed in a more artistic form yesterday as Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Student Community Outreach Team (Scot) showcased the artworks of graduate students to generate public awareness.

The art show launched during UBD’s Pesta Konvo yesterday showcased art pieces created by both students of the university as well as invited artists, notably the four Bruneian overseas graduates who collaborated in producing ‘illustrative Art’ highlighting the existence of Brunei’s poverty for public awareness.

Situated at the far end of the gallery were the creations of Bibi Khamimah Rusli, Asnawi Mohd Salleh, Muhd Alwie Mohd Salleh and Faizal Hamdan who collaborated with the Student Community Outreach Team (Scot) by centering the inspiration of their art pieces around their visits to the homes of four less-fortunate families in Ulu Tutong.

One of the noticeable artworks presented in the section was the a hut made of wood, cardboard and a zinc roof depicting the living conditions of less-fortunate families, said Bibi Khamimah.

Working together with Faizal Hamdan, Bibi Khamimah said the artwork hoped to express a sense of sympathy for the people living in such conditions as well as illustrate their needs and wants.

The piece had interiors covered with illustrations that drawn by the less fortunate children whose homes they had visited.

Bibi Khamimah said during the visits, she had brought a drawing block with her where she handed out sheets to each of the children to draw as they please.

“They didn’t say a word to me. They couldn’t express much in words so when I gave them the drawing blocks [sheets] they started drawing things such as tables, candles, cars, and houses. Things that they have never had but expressed in drawings,” she said. “They used their imagination to show what they want.”

Complementing the run-down hut was the video documentary of Asnawi Mohd Salleh who had compiled video footage captured during their visits. The visual experience allowed the public to witness the daily lives of the families.

Asnawi said that the video not only contains footage of the children drawing and of the families’ living conditions but sounds that can be heard in their environments.

“It’s supposed to be like that so people can see how hard it is for them there,” he said, adding that the editing process took him three days to complete while the filming took place during their week long visit.

Bibi Khamimah added that these two art pieces complement each other in generating the desired environment for the public to feel during their visit to their section of the art gallery.

Another art piece in the section was Muhd Alwie’s portrait which was described as “pushing for a better life”.

The gallery is open to the public at the Student Centre, UBD until September 13.

Source: The Brunei Times
Author: Amir Noor
Published Date: 9 September 2011

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