SCOT 9th Green Xchange (GX9)

The SCOT 9th Green Xchange (GX9) was held at Kampong Batu Marang, Bandar Seri Begawan on 21st May 2017.

The Green Xchange Project is a two-sided approach where low‐income earners could benefit as well as incorporating the ‘Go Green’ theme into the project. The crux of the project is that people are encouraged to collect recyclable materials and exchange them for basic commodities. According to the SCOT programme leader Dayangku Nurul Khairunnisa binti Pengiran Haji Mohd Roslin, the objectives of the project were to inculcate the habit of recycling among Bruneians as well as help those with low incomes to have an extra source of sustenance on entrepreneurship opportunities through effective waste managements.

The project was participated by over 80 youth volunteers from various schools, colleges and higher institutions. More than 5.6 tonnes of recyclables consisting of paper, plastic bottles, aluminium and metals were collected, and a total of 1,030kg of rice as for every $1 of recyclables, the participants received 1.5 kilo-grammes of rice that were distributed to the villagers of Kg Batu Marang.

GX9 was organised in partnership with Kawan Bumi Sdn Bhd and sponsored by D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd, DST, and Ideal Cafe and Grill.


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