SCOT Youth Against Poverty 2017

The SCOT Youth Against Poverty 2017 was held at ICTC Gallery, Universiti Brunei Darussalam on 20th – 22nd October 2017.

‘Youth Against Poverty Workshop’ (YAP) is a community outreach training programme initiated by SCOT aimed at young leaders in stimulating interest and knowledge around the issue of poverty in Brunei Darussalam. Following the success of its pilot project in 2016, YAP continues this year with its theme of ‘Breaking the Cycle’, which puts the focus on training young leaders through the exposure of issues, critical-thinking and an opportunity to explore their solutions through project implementation.

YAP is supported by Progresif Cellular, in collaboration with PMUBD, ECS-PMUBD, Persatuan Kemajuan Insan (KESAN), RTB and UBD FM, and sponsored by Take5.BN, Ajwa Kitchen, Bake Culture Brunei, Ideal Cafe & Grill and Rainfresh Water.

Video produced by Ahmad Raihan Abdul Majid, Media & Publicity Coordinator of YAP

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