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100117_07_thumb_medium230_The aspects of moral support, entrepreneurship and education are among the services rendered to the community by a voluntary association known as the Society for Community Outreach and Training, or SCOT. The expertise and skills possessed by the association’s members have help to create an awareness on the importance of protecting the environment, providing assistance to those in need as well as helping out students within and outside the country.

Since its establishment in 2011, SCOT has conducted a number of activities which focus on community service and charity work. Despite coming from different educational backgrounds, SCOT’s members continue to uphold the same mission; among them is the concept of Public, Private, and Partnership in order to fulfil the corporate social responsibility in various aspects.

SCOT is not only committed in providing assistance to communities in the country, but has also been involved in educational programmes in neighbouring countries such as Cambodia. During the programme, SCOT’s members provided basic training and taught English at one of the schools. The programme was carried out with the cooperation of several government agencies.

Throughout its establishment, SCOT has received a number of recognition, including the ASEAN Ten Accomplished Youth Organisation Award, the Youth Day Association Award, the Young Leaders Award and the Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

SCOT’s involvement in actively carrying out community activities has been welcomed by communities as well as government agencies. Equipped with high levels of motivation, the members have been able to overcome the challenges in order to ensure the mission and vision of assisting communities in need continue to be achieved.



Source: RTB

Author: Unknown

Published Date: January 10th, 2017

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