Green Xchange H20

Green Xchange H20

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What is GX H20?

Join SCOT on an underwater exploration journey from April 2014 until November 2014 that would allow you to participate on our quest towards coral propagation and underwater clean-up called the SCOT Green XChange H20 or GX H20 for short.

Inspired by SCOT’s other project the Green XChange, GX H20 is offering an all-expenses paid PADI Open Water Diving Certificate Course and Ocean Quest Coral Course for 5 people.  In exchange for the certifications, the newly certified divers will need to give their generous time and commitment to take part in a series of ocean dives for 2 weekends every month for 7 months to save Brunei’s corals.

Brunei Darussalam is home to some unique species of corals which includes the endangered Blue Coral which could be found in the Pelong Rocks area.


What are the courses and workshops?

The volunteers will need to complete and pass the PADI Open Water Diving Certificate and Ocean Quest Coral Course and the training workshop will be done by SCOT’s partner Poni Divers, Brunei Darussalam.


How long is the GX H20 Program?

The training workshop will cover the span of approximately two (2) months

Upon completion of the courses, the divers would need to do four ocean dives per month for seven (7) months.

This is subject to change


Where will the ocean dives be located?

The coral propagation site is located at Pulau Pilong-Pilongan or locally known as Pelong Rocks.


What are the requirements to apply to this Program?

  • Age 21 Years Old to 40 Years Old.
  • People who are able to fully commit to the project.
  • Available in Brunei during the duration of the project





You can follow our latest progress through our Facebook Page – Green Xchange H20



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