SCOT Education involves an 11-week volunteering activity on teaching English to about 120-students at the Youth Development Centre (YDC) Brunei, which is then followed by a 2-week volunteering activity on teaching English to the underprivileged children in Cambodia.  In addition to that, SIX students from YDC whom have shown tremendous improvements throughout our 11-week programme were given the scholarship to volunteer teaching English in Cambodia along with the SCOT trainers.

The main objective of this project is to empower and build confidence of YDC students through English language that would allow them to be more engaged in public speaking and hence creating a comfortable environment when attending for job interviews.

The pilot phase of the project was introduced back in April 2013 and with positive feedback, the program made a return in April 2014 for the Youth Development Centre and phase-2 of the project which involves a 2-week teaching opportunity to an underprivileged community at the Organization for Building Community Resources (OBCR) located in the Samrong Tong District, Cambodia, was successfully implemented in August and September 2014 respectively.

In addition to that, we have also taken the opportunity to assist on building infrastructures for the underprivileged communities in Cambodia by building 24-wells which would allow for better access to water facilities.







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