Agriculture Project

Agriculture Project

SCOT Agriculture is a one-year project with each underprivileged family that have met our criteria when choosing the type of family to be sponsored where they are of the low income group; existence of land which is not being utilized; and able-bodied to work. From there, SCOT help these families by providing them with the resources to start a farm / chicken rearing, assist them with the technical expertise of farming by liaising with the Agricultural Department, and monitoring their progress over the one year period. It is hoped that after one year, they are able to support themselves by being independent as the knowledge and resources they have obtained over the one-year with SCOT will help them progress independently.

Currently, there are two families who are participating in SCOT’s pilot project in Kg Bukit, Tutong. The first family is growing leafy vegetables as subsistence farming for now, and the second family is breeding chicken that could be sold to generate extra income. InsyaAllah, we hope that within the one-year period, we are able to help between 6-8 families under this project.

The Chicken Coop Project

The Chicken Coop project is one of the pipeline projects under SCOT Agriculture.  The project which aims to ease the financial burden of our underprivileged families focuses on rearing chickens which aims to improve their standard of living in the long run by educating them the potential benefits of selling their ‘products’.

The Chicken Coop project generates its funds through the Green Xchange project whereby forty-percent of the revenue earned from the said project will be channeled to the construction of the chicken coops.  This underlying principle will allow SCOT to be self-sustainable in the development of its projects and at the same time will educate the relevant project managers to be entrepreneurial in achieving the required target.

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