Brunei-Singapore Green Xchange Project

Brunei-Singapore Green Xchange Project

Brunei-Singapore Green Xchange Project

The Brunei-Singapore Green Xchange Project is a two-sided approach where low income earners could benefit as well as incorporating the ‘Go Green’ theme into the project. The crux of the project is that people are encouraged to collect recyclable materials and exchanging them for basic commodities. It is hoped that this could inculcate the habit of recycling among Bruneians as well as help those with low incomes to have an extra source of sustenance.

The first event of its kind was held at Kg. Bolkiah ‘A’ & ‘B’ on Sunday, 25th September 2011 where the similar project was also held simultaneously in Singapore by our partner NGO organization, Avelife Foundation Singapore. During the one-day event, SCOT have managed to collect over one-tonne of recyclables from the residents which was a positive outcome from our initial target of attaining 100kg of recyclable materials.

SCOT hopes that with the success of the first Green Xchange, it could become a platform for the private sectors to perform their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities by channelling their CSR funds into our projects. Not only will they help the underprivileged in Brunei, but at the same time they are helping to promote ‘Go Green’ initiatives among the people.

To allow the Green Xchange Project to be financially viable, we have sold T-Shirts of the Green Xchange event to volunteers (over 100 people) and all the proceeds are used to finance the project on top of other sponsorship.

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Brunei-Singapore Green Xchange Project 2

The second Green Xchange Project was held on 8 January 2012 in Masjid Al-Muhtadee Billah, Mukim Peramu.

This project covered several villages within the vicinity of the the mosque. The environment was a lot different from our first project, in which the houses were arranged in order. We explored the more traditional side of Kampong Ayer and it was a great sight to observe how traditional values still remained intact.

With 60 or so volunteers working hard from the awareness campaigns to helping the villagers to transport their recyclables to the exchange counters, the Green Xchange Project 2 was another success as we’ve managed to collect over 6 tonnes of recyclables!

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