SCOT to teach English in Brunei, Cambodia



A GROUP of Bruneians who are volunteering to teach English for underprivileged students at a Brunei secondary school beginning April 8 will later extend their work to teaching in Cambodia by the end of this year.

Some 14 volunteer trainers from the Society for Community Outreach and Training (SCOT), comprising current Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) students and fresh graduates, are involved in the SCOT Education programme.

The Project Manager of SCOT Education, Sharifah Mashhorina binti Malai Shahran, told the Sunday Bulletin that the local underprivileged students chosen for the programme were mostly from Year 9 to Year 11 from Rimba II Secondary School near the capital.

“The volunteer trainers have completed their six-week basic teacher training course and their teaching commenced on April 8. The teaching programme, which is done in collaboration with Rimba II Secondary School and the Rimba II Village Consultative Council, is Phase II of the SCOT Education Literacy and Skills Enhancement programme. It will be conducted every Friday and Sunday at Rimba II Secondary School for 10 weeks,” Sharifah Mashhorina said.

Yesterday, SCOT held its official opening ceremony followed by a report presentation on the progress of the SCOT Education programme and certificate presentation to 14 volunteer trainers.

The certificates were presented by the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Datin Paduka Dr Hajah Norlila binti Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Jalil.

Meanwhile, Anwar Mohammad, Chairman and Founder of SCOT, said the SCOT Education Project has also opened up opportunities for SCOT to form partnerships with countries in the region.

He said the second phase of the project will take place in Cambodia this December.

Anwar added that the volunteers have been trained since February this year through tailored approaches facilitated by SCOT. He said this year is the year for SCOT to emphasise on the importance of education as a sustainable key driver to move out of poverty.

Once the programme is completed, SCOT Education will be going to Cambodia for a two-week English teaching programme in collaboration with Organisation for Building Community Resources (OBCR) in Samrong Tong, Cambodia.

“The trip (to Cambodia) will not only be focussing on teaching but SCOT Education will also be helping the community in terms of infrastructure improvement projects and farming as part of SCOT Education contribution to the community in Cambodia,” Anwar said.


Source: Borneo Bulletin

Author: Azlan Othman

Published Date: April 10th, 2016

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